A leading ObamaCare architect is the latest Democratic figure to get behind the push for single-payer health care, as Sen. Bernie Sanders prepares to unveil his “Medicare for all” bill this week – kicking off a campaign sure to put immense pressure on senior Democrats and 2020 presidential hopefuls to support the costly proposal.

The push for government-funded health care once was relegated to the fringes of the Democratic Party but has made its way into the mainstream. The latest example of this was former Sen. Max Baucus saying last week that lawmakers should start looking at single-payer.

“I just think the time has come,” he told NBC News, after making similar remarks at a public event in his home state of Montana.

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Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/09/11/dems-fall-in-line-on-single-payer-as-sanders-prepares-to-launch-medicare-for-all-campaign.html