There Is No Deadline For Buying a Medicare Supplement

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There Is No Deadline For Buying a Medicare Supplement

11/29/2017 11:58 AM

Sue Daugherty

With all of the information about Medicare Open Enrollment many retirees think this is the only time they can buy a new Medicare Supplement. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are able to shop and buy a different Medicare Supplement any time of the year. There is no special enrollment period for Medicare Supplements.

However, the insurance company does have the right to ask you questions about your health to determine if they want to insure you. If your health is questionable the company who writes the Medicare Supplement insurance policy can turn you down. Or, they may charge more than you are already paying.

If you are an Erie County resident, age 65 or older, and need help understanding the nuances of Medicare Supplements (also called Medi-Gap policies), Serving Our Seniors can help you. We are fortunate to have the commitment of three trained and certified Volunteer Medicare Counselors. Additionally, we have two more volunteers who will soon be ready to conduct their own Medicare counseling sessions.

The Volunteer Medicare Counselors do not sell insurance nor do they get a kick-back from any agent or any insurance company. Their job is simple… explain Medicare Supplements; explain how many types of Medicare Supplements exist; explain what each type covers and what it doesn’t cover. And last, but not least, explain how to shop for pricing of Medicare Supplements.

After Dec. 7, Erie County residents who would like to better understand Medicare Supplements should call Serving Our Seniors, at 419-624-1856. Ask for an appointment with a Medicare Counselor for help making sense out of your Medicare Supplements, and figuring out what the various supplements cover, what they don’t cover, and at what cost. Medicare Counselors will be available after Jan. 2, for appointments.


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